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Dr. Albina Malinauskiene

General Practice & Rehabilitation

  • Speciality General Practice & Rehabilitation
  • Education Medical University
  • Work Days Monday - Friday

Dr. Albina Malinauskiene

Chapel Hill Medical Centre – Lucan Ireland

A little about me

I was born in Siauliai, Lithuania in 1974. In 1991 I finished secondary school with honours.

From 1991 to 1997 I studied in Kaunas Medical Academy, Medical faculty and received Doctor in Medicine qualification. 1997-1998, I worked as Dr. Resident in Siauliai National City Hospital; acquired Medical Doctor qualification. From 1998-2000, I worked as Dr. Resident in Rehabilitation Department in Kaunas Medical university Hospital and got Dr. in Rehabilitation qualification. 2000-2002 I worked as Rehabilitation Dr. in Siauliai National City Hospital. 2002-2003 worked as Rehabilitation Dr. in Cardiosurgery Clinic in Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Clinics. 2003-2005 worked in Birstonas Sanatorium Versme in postsurgical oncology rehabilitation department as Rehabilitation Dr. In 2005 I came to Ireland, and intensively studied English. In 2007 I received Irish Medical Council general registration. In March 2008 I started to work as a GP privately in Tallaght. In 2014 I finished Irish GP alternative training, got GP Registrar qualification. I am a member of ICGP from 2014. From 2014 October to now, I work as a self-employed GP at Chapel Hill Medical Centre, Lucan. From March 2015, I have GMS contract with HSE. During these years, I attended many conferences and courses, continuously studying medicine during my spare time. I always do best for my patients.